One Woodsboro Volunteer Spotlight - February 2022

Categories: Colleague News

At Woodsboro Bank, one of our core values is commitment to our community. Our mission of serving Frederick County is not limited to financial matters. Each year the bank supports a wide variety of philanthropic, cultural, and charitable organizations for the betterment of the community. All colleagues receive 24 paid hours of volunteer time each year. That’s 24 regular working hours they can put back into the community without taking time off!

Our colleagues take our values to heart and go above and beyond giving back to our community. We are proud of the work they do and want to show our appreciation by highlighting a Woodsboro Bank colleague volunteer monthly.

This month’s One Woodsboro Volunteer Spotlight is Chris Trone, Credit Analyst in our Commercial/Business Lending group. Chris is the Treasurer of Friends of Cunningham Falls State Park and Gambrill State Park, an organization that aims to preserve the park and make a difference for its future. The group holds events to raise funds put towards improvements such as safety equipment, park vehicles, and building renovations.

The Friends support the Manor Area Aviary and the wild animals on display. This covers regular feedings and supplies, veterinary care, and support for Aviary Volunteers.

Chris has a passion for the outdoors, the value of nature, and its connection to our daily lives. By working with Friends of Cunningham Falls, he is able to help a cause he believes in while making a difference close to home.

The Friends are working to organize the upcoming Maple Syrup Festival taking place at the park in March. Guests are invited to come enjoy traditional demonstrations of syrup making, light fare, and hot beverages. Maple products and gifts will also be available for purchase. The festival runs March 12-13 and March 19-20 from 10am to 2pm.

Thank you to Chris, and everyone at Friends of Cunningham Falls State Park and Gambrill State Park, for all your hard work and dedication!