business owners utlizing computer for online direct deposits

Control your cash flow

Effective cash management tools are critical services for any successful business. But they shouldn't have to come at the expense of the top-tier customer service you've come to expect from a community bank. We offer many cash management solutions that enable every kind, or size, of business to run more efficiently.

ACH / Direct Deposit Services

Utilize our ACH services and vastly reduce the amount of time and storage associated with payroll and monthly bills. Quickly get up to speed with this service, simply ask your branch manager for information.

ACH Direct Debit

Spend less time writing checks for routine bills each month. Designate monthly bills, such as utilities, to be automatically debited from your checking account. Receive statements and keep on top of transactions.

Remote Deposit Capture

Make deposits, without ever leaving the office. Using our RDC Scanner you can make digital deposits quickly and at your convenience.

Wire Transfer Service

Wire money electronically directly from your computer.

Financial Software Translation

Eliminate time dedicated to manual processes with our direct access link that allows you to download account transactions directly to your application. 

Automatic Transfer Account

Set a balance requirement and rest assured knowing that you're covered. This services allows for the transfer of funds from a transaction account to a checking account in the event of an overdraft or below-requirement balance.

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