Commercial Real Estate Investment Loans

Flexible and Competitive Financing Solutions for Commercial Real Estate

At Woodsboro Bank, we provide financing solutions with competitive and flexible rates to help our commercial customers grow their operations. Commercial real estate loans help fund the purchase of occupied and income-producing properties such as office locations, shopping centers, and mixed-use buildings.

Loan Options

Whether you are a small or large business, we have a commercial mortgage option to meet your funding needs. Commercial real estate loans are available for several scenarios including:

Owner-Occupied Commercial Loans

An owner-occupied loan is underwritten based on an operating company’s cash flow. These loans are long-term financial arrangements and amortize between 20-25 years.

Generally, a loan is considered owner-occupied if the owner’s company occupies 50% or more of the space.

Income-Producing Commercial Loans

An income-producing loan’s repayments typically come from tenant payments. This type of loan amortized between 15-25 years. Offices, retail and warehouses usually have extended amortization periods, while storage spaces and other specialty properties have shorter amortizations.

Construction Loans

Construction loans provide credit in stages or draws as a building project progresses. The repayment may come from the sale of the property or a construction loan can automatically convert to an amortizing term loan.

Owner-occupied and income-producing commercial loans can also finance construction projects. Equity for commercial real estate loans is typically 20-25%. Lower equity amounts are possible with SBA and other programs at Woodsboro Bank.

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