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Plotting Your Tomorrow: Lot Loans for Aspiring Landowners

Building a house is very exciting! To start building your perfect home, you need the right plot of land or land, and the financing to do so. At Woodsboro Bank, we make the buying process easy with lot loans. We offer different types of lot loans, depending on your vision for your chosen plot of land. Woodsboro Bank’s lot loans include flexible terms to suit your specific requirements.


Choose from three different types of loans, depending on the land you prefer:

Raw Lot

If you have a suitable down payment for an undeveloped area, a raw lot loan will get you the finance you need to complete your project. An undeveloped lot will typically have no established roads or electricity lines[1] [EED2] .

Unimproved Lot

If you plan on starting a project on unimproved land with minimal amenities but lacking electricity and gas meters, an unimproved lot loan is a great financing option. Get your down payment and detailed building plan ready, and you’ll be good to go.

Improved Lot

Enjoy lower interest rates and down payments with an improved lot loan for developed land with roads, water, sewage systems, and electricity.

When you are ready to build, you can refinance your lot loan to a construction to perm loan. Woodsboro Bank’s lot loans could allow you to put down roots in the area of your choice.

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