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Medical Practice Solutions

Tailored Medical Practice Solutions for Your Financial Peace of Mind

We understand the unique challenges faced by medical professionals. That's why our medical practice solutions are designed to simplify your financial management, allowing you to focus on what matters most—providing exceptional patient care.

Treasury Management

Maximize your financial efficiency with our comprehensive treasury management solutions. Our services include:

  • Savings Solutions: Earn a competitive interest rate on your excess funds.
  • Online Banking: Empower your office management staff with effective funds control and instant access to information.
  • Merchant Services: Streamline card payments with our suite of merchant and Point of Sale solutions.

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Access the funds you need to grow and manage your medical practice with our flexible loan options. Our loan services include:

  • Lines of Credit: Manage your practice's cash flow effectively.
  • Equipment Loans: Benefit from competitive pricing and flexible terms for your equipment needs.
  • Practice Buy-In Financing: Facilitate the transition of a young associate into a partner role with our customized solutions.
  • Business Credit Card Program: Simplify your business expenses by providing dedicated cards to your employees.

Other Services

We also offer additional services to support your practice:

  • Payroll Solutions: Streamline your payroll process and ensure your employees are compensated accurately and efficiently.

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