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Optimize Cash flow

Optimize your cash flow management with our comprehensive range of services. We understand the importance of top-tier customer service alongside effective cash management tools. Our diverse cash management solutions cater to businesses of all types and sizes, enabling enhanced operational efficiency.


ACH / Direct Deposit Services Streamline your payroll and monthly bill processing by utilizing our ACH services cutting down on time and labor requirements effortlessly. Simply reach out to your local branch manager for further details.

ACH Direct Debit Say goodbye to the hassle of writing monthly checks for routine bills and still receive regular statements. Designate specific bills, such as utilities, to be automatically debited from your checking account keeping your business on top of transactions.

Remote Deposit Capture Make deposits from the convenience of your office. Our RDC Scanner allows for swift and secure digital deposits at your convenience.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (mRDC) A tool for business clients with a minimal volume of check deposits. This is a safe and easy way to deposit checks right from your phone.

Positive Pay A product that can prevent fraud by allowing you to review and approve transactions before they process. 

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Additional features

Wire Transfer Service
Effortlessly transfer funds electronically right from your computer with our reliable wire transfer service.

Financial Software Translation
Simplify manual processes by accessing our direct link, which allows for seamless downloading of account transactions directly to your financial application.

Automatic Transfer Account
Ensure peace of mind by setting balance requirements. Our automatic transfer service enables fund transfers from a transaction account to a checking account in the event of an overdraft or below-requirement balance.

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