Credit Card Processing

Fast and simple Credit Processing

As part of Woodsboro Bank’s extensive list of business services for merchants, we offer credit card processing and other payment products to help you save while providing an efficient service to your customers.


Through a partnership with MPI Processing, we host the following:

Credit Card Machines

A credit card machine, wireless or standalone, allows you to run in-person transactions enabling chip EMV and swipe. These machines also incorporate integrated payments and on-screen customer signatures. They are EMV-compliant and used by many local business owners to help with customer data management.

Virtual Terminals and Gateways

A virtual terminal facilitates electronic payments over the internet, using a steady internet connection. A web browser and merchant dashboard, or menu, process the payments.

A payment gateway verifies the data from the virtual terminal and sends it to the processor. Payment gateways form part of online shopping websites and go hand in hand with a virtual shopping cart and check-out page.

Woodsboro Bank also hosts shopping cart solutions thanks to MPI. Shopping cart software integrates your payment product with dozens of gateways including credit cards and PayPal.

Mobile Pay

Mobile payment solutions make it possible to pay for an item using a tablet or cell phone. All credit card machines are NFC enabled allowing all mobile payment apps to be accepted.

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