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Economy Checking Account

An Economical Way To Bank

Do you like receiving your statements in the mail? Do you swipe your debit card wherever you go instead of paying with cash? Then Woodsboro Bank’s economy checking account is for you!


  • $3 monthly service fee
  • No minimum balance required
  • Paper Statements
  • Four free checks per month, $0.50 per check thereafter
  • VISA check card (free at all Woodsboro Bank ATMs and more than 55,000 international Allpoint ATMs)

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Economy Checking Account

Woodsboro Bank’s economy checking account provides an affordable way to bank. You can make purchases exclusively with your card, and make withdrawals or deposits at select Woodsboro Bank ATM.

Enjoy easy access to deposited funds and cover daily spending requirements with this easy-to-use account.

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