Woodsboro Bank Helps Frederick County Humane Society Find Its New Home

may 26 2022 blogWoodsboro Bank has been an ongoing partner of the Frederick County Humane Society and their efforts to advocate for animal welfare. When faced with an unexpected notice, it was not the animals they were supporting, it was the entire Humane Society.

Founded in 1910, the Frederick County Humane Society (FCHS) is a non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to providing programs and services to keep pets happy, healthy and in lifelong homes.  Unlike animal shelters who receive funding from the County, FCHS relies on grants, private donations, and fundraising for all of their operating expenses.

That is why it came as even more of a shock when FCHS received notice that they needed to vacate the premises.  FCHS Board President, Brian Maul, shares their experience stating, “After being faced with sooner-than-expected expiring lease and looming deadline to find a new location from which to serve the Frederick County community, we needed a lending partner who could move us swiftly and surely through the financing and closing process.  Woodsboro Bank more than answered the call and rose to the challenge.  Having a local bank with long-standing ties to the Frederick community made all the difference.”

Woodsboro Bank Commercial Banker, Chuck Reeder, assisted with this transaction and recalls the time sensitivity of this transaction stating, “One of the things that sets us apart from the other banks in the area is our quick turnaround on loan deals.  Our decision is made local and quickly.”  Not only do we have experienced bankers in tune with the Frederick community, but we take great pride in providing exceptional service to our clients and navigating their individual needs.

Before securing funding, Woodsboro Bank investigated the options FCHS had and was able to offer a low-interest loan that allowed FCHS to purchase their new space and allowed them to serve their community and put themselves in a better financial position in the future.   Being able to offer Frederick businesses products and services that are catered to their needs is what allows Woodsboro Bank to remain successful in their mission to be the best partner for banking services and expertise for businesses and individuals.

Frederick County Humane Society is now located at 1786 North Market Street. They strive to continue their mission of providing affordable services, resources and programs to help responsible pet owners keep their pets healthy, happy and in life-long homes.

Contact Samantha Cutrona, Marketing Director, scutrona@woodsborobank.com, for additional information

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