older women using phone for online banking

Anywhere, anytime with online and mobile banking.

With a click or a tap, our digital banking services grant full access to all of your accounts and services, securely. We make it easy to keep up-to-date on all things financial with online and mobile banking, including remote deposit, bill pay and ACH services.


Online Banking

Access your account anywhere you have an internet connection, free of charge. You'll always be able to:

  • View your accounts
  • Transfer funds
  • Search for transactions
  • Receive and print E-statements
  • View cancelled checks
  • Initiate stop payment of checks*
  • Make loan payments
  • Connect accounts with Intuit® Quicken
  • Pay bills online occasionally or set up recurring payments

Already have an account? Enroll in online banking and take advantage of all Woodsboro Bank has to offer.

Mobile Banking

older man using mobile phone for online bankingTake your bank with you. With the Woodsboro Bank App you'll have the freedom to access every account and the peace of mind knowing you have access to every account, every transaction, statement, bill, and so much more. Our new app is our flagship digital service, and we're confident you'll be glad you don't have to leave home without it. Aside from working nearly everywhere and on virtually any web-enabled device, some of its most prominent features are all that online banking has to offer plus:

  • Support for all account types – CD's, money markets, loans, and lines-of-credit
  • Remote Deposit Anywhere
  • Personal Alerts
  • Bill pay
  • Highest security standards, including multi-factor authentication

And, if you lose your signal while processing a transaction, it automatically sends you a text message as confirmation

It's available on iPhone and Android phones. Click or tap on the appropriate App Store, download, and get started!

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Remote Deposit Anywhere

Never forget to stop by the bank again. With our app you can enjoy the flexibility to make check deposits at your convenience. Tap, snap, deposit. It's as simple as that.

Mobile banking allows you to:

  • Deposit into checking and savings accounts
  • Deposit business, personal, cashier's check, and money orders
  • View deposited checks online or right in the app


P2P Payments (Person to Person)

Pay friends and family easily and quickly through Woodsboro Bank’s Online Bill Pay system.

Our Bill Pay system allows you to:

  • Pay bills electronically or by check
  • Send money directly to individuals

Have a friend you need to pay? Go to Bill Pay through Online Banking or Mobile Banking and select “Add Payee” to begin.

*Standard “stop payment” fee applies