One Woodsboro Volunteer Spotlight – April 2022

april 21 2022 blogAt Woodsboro Bank, one of our core values is commitment to our community. Our mission of serving Frederick County is not limited to financial matters. Each year the bank supports a wide variety of philanthropic, cultural, and charitable organizations for the betterment of the community. All colleagues receive 24 paid hours of volunteer time each year. That’s 24 regular working hours they can put back into the community without taking time off!

Our colleagues take our values to heart and go above and beyond giving back to our community. We are proud of the work they do and want to show our appreciation by highlighting a Woodsboro Bank colleague volunteer monthly.

This month’s One Woodsboro Volunteer Spotlight is Yvonne Reeder, Branch Manager of the Woodsboro Office. Yvonne has been a member of the Glade Valley Lions Club for 15 years and currently holds the office of Treasurer. The mission of all Lions Clubs International is to support five global causes of diabetes, environment, vision, hunger, and childhood cancer.

The Glade Valley Lions Club was chartered in 1945 and is one of more than 48,000 Lion Clubs world-wide. The primary focus of each club is to improve health and well-being, to strengthen communities and support those in need through humanitarian efforts.

The club participates in multiple ways to raise money to give back to our Walkersville/Woodsboro community by holding an annual golf tournament, 20-20 event, selling calendars, and parking cars at a horse event.  The funds that are raised are donated back into the community through organizations such as Glade Valley Food Bank, Walkersville, New Midway and Woodsboro Fire Companies, Walkersville Rescue Company, Diabetes Awareness, Leader Dog for the Blind.

Currently, Glade Valley Lions Club is sponsoring two Leos Clubs – Walkersville High School and Walkersville Middle School. Both Clubs have been very successful in their fundraising efforts and promoting their club’s “mission to serve”.

Yvonne has a passion for volunteering, serving others and the community by giving her time and energy. Thank you to Yvonne for all your hard work and dedication to improving our community!

Photos courtesy of the Glade Valley Lions Club.

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