One Woodsboro Volunteer Spotlight – Felicia Dickerson

november 8 2022 blogAt Woodsboro Bank, one of our core values is commitment to our community. Our mission of serving Frederick County is not limited to financial matters. Each year the bank supports a wide variety of philanthropic, cultural, and charitable organizations for the betterment of the community. All colleagues receive 24 paid hours of volunteer time each year. That’s 24 regular working hours they can put back into the community without taking time off!

Our colleagues take our values to heart and go above and beyond giving back to our community. We are proud of the work they do and want to show our appreciation by highlighting a Woodsboro Bank colleague volunteer monthly.

This month’s One Woodsboro volunteer is Felicia Dickerson, Relationship Banker of the Downtown Frederick Office. Felicia has been a volunteer with Basketball Coaches Without Boundaries (BCWB) for over 11 years! She primarily assists with concessions and front door entry during the spring, fall, and winter basketball leagues as well as the quarterly AAU tournament events. BCWB is an all-volunteer nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization committed to supporting the youth of Frederick County.

The local organization was established in March 2000 with the goal of offering basketball programs to support the physical and mental development of young boys and girls. BCWB works to promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship in all its athletes, coaches, and volunteers. The nonprofit celebrates 23 years of basketball and community this year!

The youth athletic organization strives to demonstrate the true meaning of a cause “without boundaries” by implementing a variety of athletic, social, and educational programs throughout the year. BCWB has run seasonal tournament leagues, instructional camps, Christmas Toys for Kids programs, college tutoring, SAT scholarships, and annual fundraisers. Extending beyond athletics, BCWB facilitates multiple community programs to ensure that there are always low cost, drug free, and safe activities and resources available to every youth in the county.

Basketball Coaches Without Boundaries is a family-oriented group and has personally touched the lives of one of our own Woodsboro family. In addition to volunteering herself, two of Felicia’s children played basketball under BCWB. Felicia shares, “I appreciate that they support the community and provide a safe, positive, and competitive environment for their student players. I wanted to continue to be a part of that even after my children graduated.”

Felicia has a passion for volunteering, serving others and the community by giving her time and energy. Thank you to Felicia for all your hard work and dedication to improving our community!

Photos courtesy of Basketball Coaches Without Boundaries.

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