Volunteer Spotlight – Doug Murphy

september 13 2022 blogAt Woodsboro Bank, one of our core values is commitment to our community. Our mission of serving Frederick County is not limited to financial matters. Each year the bank supports a wide variety of philanthropic, cultural, and charitable organizations for the betterment of the community. All colleagues receive 24 paid hours of volunteer time each year. That’s 24 regular working hours they can put back into the community without taking time off!

Our colleagues take our values to heart and go above and beyond giving back to our community. We are proud of the work they do and want to show our appreciation by highlighting a Woodsboro Bank colleague volunteer monthly.

This month’s One Woodsboro Volunteer Spotlight is Doug Murphy, VP and Commercial Credit Manager of the Downtown Frederick Commercial Office. Doug has been a volunteer of the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs for the last two years and has coordinated volunteer groups of colleagues to join him in supporting the cause. The Religious Coalition was initially formed to serve as a safety net for those in need of emergency shelter. The mission has evolved to include programs that support people as they move beyond crisis and regain control of their lives.

The Religious Coalition was chartered in 1981 as a group of 50 religious congregations, civic groups, and local agencies, united to address the challenges of homelessness and poverty in Frederick County. The Coalition celebrates 40 years of service to the Frederick County Community and just this year opened the new Emergency Family Shelter on Hayward Road!

The Coalition participates in multiple ways to raise money to give back to the residents of Frederick County by offering monthly gift donation subscriptions and fundraiser starter resources directly on their website. The Coalition makes it easy for others to start fundraising from scratch with the free JustGiving fundraising feature linked online. Anyone can contribute to your original fundraiser and the Coalition will acknowledge these special donations and gifts with thank you cards and notations.

Recently, Doug worked with his Bank colleagues and The Rotary Club of Carroll Creek – another volunteer organization he has been a part of for over 20 years – to support the Religious Coalition in setting up beds in the new Family Shelter. In July they helped to move equipment and furnishings out of their former shelter.

Doug has a passion for volunteering and serving others and the community by giving his time and energy. Thank you Doug for all your hard work and dedication to improving our community!

Photos courtesy of the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs.

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